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Happy 2007 -

Royal Nog Recipe:

In Vitamix Blender:

  1. take 2 cups of sprouted almonds and grind dry into powder
    then add water ice and blend wet till smooth - put aside

  2. take a small cup of peeled cocoa beans and grind till ground
    then add water and ice and blend till smooth - put aside

  3. put a handful of [pitted] dates in the container
    just enough water to cover and keep adding ice
    grind till grainy smooth

  4. combine with large tablespoon cinnamon and 1/3 cup agave nectar,
    and all the other put-aside ingredients,
    add more water and ice to almost fill container and mix

  • to serve:

may have to add as much as an equal amount of water when serving if
too thick.
if so, take out some from the container, and mix in more water till
thinner consistency
serve very cold

this is a royal nog
to celebrate the new year

if you try it
don't worry about getting it velvet smooth
its fine just rough and ready
so if you try it
let me know what variations you try
and take pictures

ps - if you add too much water
you can tighten with a banana
and add more nectar


Rawtimes Creed


  1. raw food eating is best -
cooking food is usually
an unfortunate compromise


    2. raw food that tastes good
is good for you
raw food that doesn't taste good is not
(its easier to know a food if eaten alone)


    3. taste the change -
after you have eaten
an optimal amount of an optimal food,
the food will seem to rapidly spoil


    4. synchronization -
an ultimate alignment
such that what you want
and what really is,
are the same.
Moreover, what you want to do
is good,
and you know it.



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Epiphany Diet Below

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Epiphany Diet



    presenting... The Rawtimes Epiphany Diet

21 days of as much food as you care to eat

as long as the food is raw, and you are not mixing it with other food in the same mouthful, you can eat as much as you want. try different foods to see what you want to eat: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds. a food is any part of a plant that tastes good [to you] at the time. however, while animals may serve as food and be a best choice some time, the epiphany diet is vegan. (and except for one week, so is the caviar diet)


after 21 days you can expect an epiphany. not just a fact, but a perception that will forever change your life. a brief glimpse of what life is. the ultimate vacation you can take at home.
you will learn what foods you need by growing to feel and hear and see and taste and smell your instincts. you will feel the life in the food and life surging through you. you will have more energy and clarity than you ever could have imagined. trust me


you might have a hard time going to work and doing the same things everyday that you have been constrained with up till now. but these details; everyone must work out; when you come to realize how good being true to yourself really is. you will love you.

      do it for your weight

      do it for your health

      do it for your life

      do it for your epiphany

The eipiphany diet is really a procedure to learn not only how to live in a healthier way, but will also show why we want to, and why we need to. Expect a real life educational investment to finally pay off.

In the epiphany diet, you learn that what you want and what you need can be the same. every healthy decision doesn't have to be a compromise. we have compromised our health, life and happiness to conform to state protocols and conventions, but we don't have to continue to poison ourselves just to fit in. i will teach you what is at stake, and offer tips of interest to a free spirit eating raw foods today; to help adjust the fit into a repressive society that happens to be the only game in town.

Here is the most valuable thing i can tell you. its in this paragraph. if you read nothing else and hear nothing else i say, hear this. this is all you really need to know. everything else is bells, whistles and decoration; just details.

Raw food that tastes good, is good for you

and thats its
here are some basic implications:

  1. if it smells good or looks good, it might taste good
  2. if it tastes good, eat it
  3. the same food can taste bad after it has tasted good because you have had enough - this is called the taste change
  4. we are born with this skill instinctively, but are taught since birth to ignore it
  5. cooking food interferes with our taste change perceptions
  6. mixing food interferes with out taste change perceptions
  7. sampling many varieties is a good way to find what you need


Raw food recipes and preparations can be fun, nutritious and taste good. but not on the epiphany diet. mixing food is for the advanced raw food eater; after the epiphany. the ability to know how much of what foods to eat should be simple enough. we are capable of being in touch with our needs, to levels that will permit many different types of food and eating. but in the beginning, in order to use the epiphany diet to hear what our body is saying, we must listen very carefully. to really feel the apple, don't mix it with cinnamon and walnuts. if you mix romaine lettuce and red leaf lettuce together, then you will not know when you need only one. and remember, if it doesn't taste good alone, don't eat it.


the epiphany diet will let you make the decisions that will determine your life. we will not discuss proteins, carbohydrates, starches, or vitamins. these concepts are intriguing, no doubt, but confusing to say the least. we have obeyed the laws of human society and believed that they know what we should eat. that they know what is healthiest for us. but they don't. they can't. when you learn, you will see that only you can know what you should eat. you can't read a book, do tests, pay money to find out how much of what food to eat. you can only know by tasting and eating and living. stop abusing and poisoning yourself today so that you can start living today.

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