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    Salt As an addiction


Himalayan Salt



Where is the salt range located?


The salt range is located at the foothills, between the valleys of the Indus and Jhelum rivers, in the northern part of the Punjab region of Pakistan. It derives its name from extensive deposits of Crystal salt, which are one of the richest salt fields in the world; they are of Precambrian age. The salt range is more than 1,600 feet (490 m) in thickness and spread approximately 186 miles (300 km) beneath the Karakoram Range and the Great Himalayas of Pakistan. Home to the world's greatest masses of high mountains, nine of the world's fourteen 8,000-meter peaks are located here including K2.



Life came from the sea, its nutrients and the suns energy. Millions of years ago when the formation of the Himalayas begun, the primal ocean was naturally dried up with the energy of the sun, as the mighty Himalayas were rising, over time with intense pressure and temperatures salt became crystallized. The higher the amount of pressure the more superior the crystalline structure. Alexander the great discovered it and since then it has been a part of regular diet for natives.


the problem and the cure

The table salt that I eat, creates a need for more salt.
The more table salt I eat, the more salt I want to eat.
It is a cycle that feeds on itself, with deadly consequences.
That is why I call salt an addiction; it fits the rawtimes definition.

There is a solution. I found one that works for me. I stopped eating table salt, and instead, like deer at a salt lick, I have a block of real salt that I lick. Sometimes the salt will taste good to me. Sometimes I brush a sliver of salt along the lower underside of my tongue, where the salt taste buds predominate, so I may experience the sensations to the fullest. And like all instinctive eating, I know when I have had enough. I stop eating when it no longer appeals to me. It can happen after a few licks or a few minutes. But I am confident that my tastes are clear and true. i repeat: stop licking, as soon as you are not sure you love it.


You may try the Himalayan salt by asking for a free sample, or see pricelist to buy now in quantities of 5 to 15 pounds. The free sample is a chunk weighing around an ounce, that you can lick for a week or more. You can try it and see for yourself. Just sign the guestbook with your email address, and comment that you "want to try the sample," and I will email you back to ask for an address to send it. (USA only)

The salt you will get comes from underground caves in the Himalayan mountains. They have become exposed after fault realignments enabled mining. These ancient reserves of naturally dried full spectrum minerals are truly a precious resource. Many have an absolutely beautiful pink translucency, indicative of the abundance of exquisite nutrients.

With table salt, my tastes and desires become perverted as I eat more salt to satisfy this self perpetuating and addictive craving. They are obviously perverted because I don't really need table salt. I need something else: a natural balance of minerals. Table salt is almost pure sodium and chorine. A sustained diet of table salt, will alter the natural electrolyte balance in my body by introducing a critically dangerous amount of sodium. My metabolism will require other minerals to offset and process this ridiculous abundance of sodium. (I can't even speculate on the exact waste of what little bone calcium I have left to spare after processing my previous surpluses of proteins and other blood acids.) So my taste for salt will increase because I need more minerals. As my taste perceptions become perverted, I will have little chance of differentiating between table salt and foods that are more naturally salted with a healthy spectrum of minerals.

Table salt is cheap, and it sells well because it increases desire for more salt, since the table salt is incomplete. The more I eat, the more I need. The more I eat, the more I starve. The more I eat, the sicker I get. Its perfect for people that sell salt, and deadly for me.

Salt enables me to exhibit the same addicting behavior as other more famous addictive patterns. The more heroin I shoot, the more heroin I want to shoot, and the sicker I get. The more money I make, the more money I want to make, and the less I am able to share. The more I hate, the more I have to hate. And as a society, the more that personal freedoms and privacy are disregarded, the more they have to be disregarded. Addiction is hardly a good thing. What starts as an unfortunate temporary compromising solution; what starts out seeming to be the best choice of the moment; unchecked; will result in an avalanche of accompanying problems.

The state tells me that salt is bad for me. Doctors say it will kill me. Nutritionists advice against eating too much salt. But no one tells me the truth, because there is no money in it. But all salts are not bad for me, just table salt certainly is. The pure crystallized white powder that has been cooked and extracted with potent solvents; has become an fda certified food grade analytically pure chemical, with only a phantom relationship to its old foodstuff qualities and benefits. I shutter to think what sludge they could start out with, to finally extract this clean poison. It should be inedible, but my body can be fooled by table salt, just like it can be fooled into thinking that chocolate cheesecake is what I also need.

Instinctive eating may include salt licks. And like all raw foods, unless processed, mixed, cooked or spoiled, if it takes good, chances are, its good for me. With only five major groups of taste receptors, mineral salts account for a significant amount of influence on my diet. Plants containing a full spectrum of minerals will appeal to me, it indicates a healthy environment and a vital plant.

While I may profess to be an expert in addiction: namely the definition, the cause, the problem and the solution, I am not certified in any way by the state in nutrition, medicine or any type of consulting. You may rest assured: my perspective has not been polluted by any requirement to adhere to the conventions or protocols of the state. Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to make this disclaimer: I will not take responsibility for your health, I will only take responsibility [for my health and] for mailing you authentic Himalayan salt. If you want someone else to take responsibility for your health, go to a doctor and ...


     just ask me


At 02:02 PM 2/2/2006, Serena wrote:

Thank you! This came at the perfect moment. I'm on day 7 of a 30 day juice fast and I have very low blood pressure. I force myself to drink salted water (without gagging is an effort) and but sucking on this was easy. And I had tons of energy last night.

just a short juice diet will energize by itself

[and, but]
i prefer to lick than suck
it is administered at a slower rate
it tastes better
and it is easier to know when to stop;
i find the lick much more sensual and delicate
and thats the way deer do it

sometimes i experience a sliver by touching different parts of my tongue to feel the intensity and tastes and stop signals

the brine solution (salt water) is popular
more popular than people just licking the dry chunk
people using the brine solution therapy first introduced me to the salt
it was my lifestyle that intuitively directed me to try the salt as a food
and arrive at the conclusion that it was better to lick it than drink it
the only people i ever meet who know about licking the salt
are the people that i sent it to, like you
i am not saying that i invented the procedure
i am saying
1. i don't actually know that it is a time tested technique,  and so i certainly don't have data for it.
2. i can't believe that it is not more popular or that 'i am the only one'

i was exposed to the concept of a better salt while talking to bodhi at harbin
he is truly a character with every new age healing story and personal experience
from surgery with hands, to urine therapy, to just jumping up and down for weeks with nicotine supplements in bali.
but he has always (12 years)  been an inspiration to me and i am always willing to consider everything he says
so when he told me about the himalayan salt therapies using brine;
i was able to find himalayan salt in the harbin general store,
and i immediately tasted it as a food.
i decided to give my instincts a try and ignore the warnings about salt from the state
my reactions were all positive
i also had the salt on a water fast which enabled me to very acutely gauge its effect

as far as the brine
i have a few personal conflicts with the application
the biggest problem is that other gurus and marketing specialists are responsible for telling us how to do it
they tell us how to make the perfect concentration
how to drink it
how much to drink
how often to drink
and exactly how much salt to take for how long
this is the same as letting our rational mind, or the state, determine our diet
it ignores the immediate body signals that would alert us to when we have had enough
and even more importantly
it doesn't give me the same taste thrill in the least
i don't love drinking
it in fact i hate drinking it

i have had experience drinking salt water many times
i didn't use salt water for the salt,
i used it for the cleansing effect.
when i drink a lot of saturated salt water;
it is hardly absorbed at all as it passes through my gi tract.
it is most quickly eliminated with everything else in its path
i use it as a technique to purge the colon, like i would use psyllium seed husks.
during a fast, i have, on a few occasions,
drank enough salt water so that i spent hours, just eliminating.
it wasn't all that pleasant, and eventually very irritating,
but it worked in that i didn't feel so tired because of the putrid backup.
(enemas or colonics might be better, when available)

i haven't experimented with himalayan salt water in that way
i have only tried brine with table salt, and also real hawaiian ocean water.
i supposed that there might be a future fast, where my best choice for an internal washing method might be brine
and this time, i would use the himalayan or utah chunks, or maybe even hawaiian red clay salt
but only as a therapy not for nutrition

for nutrition, i might be able to use the himalayan salt in a salt shaker or grinder on my food
but not until i feel that i am at an advanced enough raw stage to mix foods with such confidence.
as a learning raw fooder...
 i don't recommend mixing foods until i am sure i have a relationship with each food individually;
and especially with the salt

At 03:42 PM 1/31/2006, Sandy wrote:
Will this take the place of any additional minerals? I'm on wheat grass juice, rejuvalac and hopefully soon on energy soup.

in a word: I don't know
i used to care and try to find out
i got all the literature from the department of agriculture
the manuals that list the nutritional composition of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
i read gary nulls books on food combining
i studied the metabolic pathways for the different vitamins and enzymes
so i feel particularly qualified to say, "I don't know"
i no longer feel like my nutritional answers and needs can be rationalized by education
i don't live like that today. and i don't eat like that today
Today i go by taste
which is not to say that it is okay to dismiss my arguments
maybe you can find other scientists who can answer your question to your satisfaction
my experience has been, that my tastes are reliable and honest
while my artificial rational rules for diet have not been successful
i would like to help you find out for yourself what and how much you need,
by being so clear and honest,
that you can feel what is right for you today.
it comes only with practice and personal experience
i only drink wheat grass juice when it tastes good to me
which is rare
on the other hand, i usually like rejuvalac alot
and on yet another hand, i don't trust my tastes as much with fermented foods as i do with fresh foods
nevertheless, i enjoy rejuvulac often.
i think that following ann wigmore's advice can be a good start
until you have enough confidence to rely solely on your own taste and experience
i lick the salt because it tastes good and i have felt good results
i have experienced initial detox, marked by colored urine
i also have noticed other improvements like strength, clarity and sereneness
as well as a taste for the better, in my other selections of foods
if you come to the point where you are willing to take that flying leap of faith
where you can trust your own tastes and instincts and experience
more than you rely on doctors and scientific data
then i would recommend tasting the salt even more
on the other hand, if you are seeing a doctor
i would suggest you ask him
And i say that not only for my own legal protection
but i really think that if you are seeing a doctor
then you can't follow your instincts unless you are very experienced.
and until you stop seeing the doctor
you will be too confused to commit such revolutionary decisions.
and on a similar note
for people living on doctors medications
who want to stop taking the medications
i really suggest asking the doctor what the best way to stop is
and what problems you may expect
because they have seen the problems first hand
that is the only thing i give them credit for

i know you didn't ask about doctors
and you probably are trying to find alternatives
i just felt it was on topic
good luck - it seems to me you have started on a reasonably optomistic path> ps - the best way to get minerals is organically embedded in the raw food you eat
(if i had to guess)


At 11:54 AM 1/26/2006, Carol wrote:
Do you have to wash off the salt first or do you think it is sanitary and good to just start licking it?...

i don't wash it off first
but its not that i didn't have that idea also
i have tried washing it off first
sometimes a piece has gotten dirty and i washed it in water
what a mess
i decided that germs are not really a problem
salt isn't exactly a playground for germs
thats why people have salt crystals that they use as deodorants under their arms
but it can be done,
and i am sure lots of people will do it
i don't
i rub it like i am polishing a crystal with a cloth rag
the rag can be damp
the real trick is to carry it around in a little case, or pouch, or wrap
so that when i take it with me during the day and i lick it
it doesn't start collecting everything in my pocket


At 11:54 AM 1/26/2006, Carol also wrote:
Also, someone once gave me some to try in my bath....that felt good.... I am a big fan of the lights, too!

yes, i am a big fan of putting salt in my bath. for years i have been buying dead sea salts at around 10 dollars a pound. But the Himalayan salt is cheaper and better, since it doesn't have to go through an extraction process. i have gone to the great salt lake in Utah, and scraped off deep white dried salt from the shoreline; then gone to my hotel room and taken a great salt lake salt bath. it was kinda gross, since all this crap was in the water too. this Himalayan salt is good for eating, licking, baths, salt scrubs, deodorants, drying, and ionizing lamps. and who knows, somewhere, there might be someone building their home with it. i also find it beautiful for display, with some chunks in my pirates treasure chest, and around 15 pounds in a large clear blown glass blenko milk can.

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