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June 10 , 2005 -

    Go Raw Today - Do the 37 day Raw Flash Diet for a quick and clear start. The diet starts with 16 days of juicing, fasting, and raw eating; followed by 21 days of raw vegan eating. Read the diet for details. If you have ever tried to go raw and given up, postponed it, or didn't know how to start - the raw flash diet will not only teach you how to eat raw food; but will let you experience your own love and beauty; and give you a reason to continue. The rawtimes raw flash diet is doable. Every day gives you the power to grow into the next. Try it, you'll love yourself. Expect an epiphany on day 38.

    The Raw Flash 37 day diet is not one to lose alot of weight, or heal immediately critical health concerns. This diet is a raw start, so that you can quickly go all raw, and gradually become the person you love to be.
    If you need a weight loss diet or an addiction recovery diet, or a critical healing diet, then try the caviar diet. but if you just want to go raw and either can't, or don't know how, then this is the diet for you. Good Luck.



    Here is the short version [of the 80 day caviar diet] which i may call

    1. the short caviar diet
    2. the raw flash diet
    3. the raw start diet
    4. the epiphany diet

    The short caviar diet

        day 1       juice
        day 2       juice
        day 3       juice

        day 4       water
        day 5       water
        day 6       water

        day 7       raw
        day 8       raw
        day 9       raw

        day 10      juice

        day 11      water
        day 12      water
        day 13      water
        day 14      *magic*
        day 15      water
        day 16      water

        day 17       rawtimes
        THRU       rawtimes
        day 37       rawtimes

        day 38 expect an epiphany

    If you want to work and not let this diet interrupt your usual plans, or as little as possible, the fifth and sixth day of the diet can be a weekend or when you are not working anyway. Start the diet with enough planning so that days 5 and 6 are non working days.

    There is only one week where you must stop working and devote all time to recovery: days 11 through 16

    This diet will provide the minimum needed to go all raw.
    If you have ever decided to go all raw and failed -
    Try This Today
          or really soon - this summer?



    Use a centrifugal juicer, a press, a manual juicer, or buy it. Fresh squeezed, like, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, apple, pear, carrot whatever. It is best to make it yourself, but if you have a local store that makes fresh juice, thats fine. Have as much as you like. Try to keep combinations to a minimum. You can mix apple and pear, you can mix carrot, ginger and beet. No powders, no supplements, just raw and fresh. Nothing pasteurized. Even fresh pressed unheated commercial apple juice is usually flashed. Avoid absolutely.
    Sometimes I add lemon juice to apple juice or orange juice. Sometimes I stir with a stick of cinnamon. slightly bubbly cider is okay on juice and raw days, but not rawtimes days. No wine or other strong alcohols on this short diet.


    I get mountain valley water delivered [from Arkansas]. I pump it into an alkalizer that polarizes the water into acidic waste and drinkable alkalized water. I will sell the alkalizers in the rawtimes [drop ship] store. There may be better situations for others. Maybe you have a clean running stream that has just come out of the ground. That would be better, but I live in ny city and this is the best I can do. Dont drink tap water, it is poisoned. Drink bottled or filtered water or real water. drink alot. don't force yourself, but you can expect to drink more than 2 quarts a day, and even a gallon is not unreasonable.


    Raw vegan food. No cheese, no eggs, no animal parts at all. You are allowed limited cheats, like pepper on a salad. The salad can be a big bowl of an assortment of lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, ginger, onions, tomatoes, grated beets, avocado, olive oil, and even vinegar. You can toss it all together. Have fun. Don't worry too much about what is the perfect thing to have, don't plan to know what is best until the end of the diet. Just keep to the guidelines. Trace flavorings like pepper or tamari are ok on these days. (That may change with other peoples suggestions) You are allowed olives and sauerkraut on the raw days. Enjoy them while you can. Your tastes will not be fully functioning at this point, and it is not worth trying to force higher standards at this point. Wait till you can really appreciate it. but you can be a clean and mono as you like. commercial essene or manna bread is out. make it yourself if you want to. most commercial dehydrated foods are dehydrated at too high a temperature. try to dehydrate yourself at under a hundred degrees. flax is great for that. you can test unknow dehydrated products like sun dried tomatoes or raw cashew nuts by soaking them in water to see how they hydrate. if the cashew becomes pasty, you know it is not alive and would never grow into a tree. if the tomatoes become mushy, you know they were cooked. keep processed raw food to a minimum, but you don't have to worry about being perfect. questionable stuff like this is absolutely forbidden in the last 3 weeks of rawtimes.


    Day 14 is magic.
    The magic day is really just a water day.
    I call it a magic day, because you will be able to stop acting out on this day
    At the end of the first mini-fast, you will experience the feeling on the fourth day - and be prepared to know what to expect.
    You can do it if you want .
    Stop smoking, stop abusing yourself with whatever habit you have previously felt powerless over.
    Whatever you follow through with, will help you grow and heal.

    Rawtimes food

    this is a time to be serious about exercise to tone musles and get the blood moving, although you may exercise and many diet days before that too.
    But let me remind you, that this is a course that will prepare you to eat when the diet is over. You may decide at the end of the diet to allow olives and sauerkraut, and complicated food combining recipes, and even wine.
    But the rawtimes days, are what the diet is all about.
    The rawtimes days are basically mono days
    You eat one raw vegan food at a time
    You don't eat salads
    You can make mixtures of 2 or three combinations
    But you must make sure that everything tastes good individually
    No sauces, no flavorings, no cheats
    No olives, no fermented foods, no supplements, no vinegar
    You will experience the taste change if you are pure
    And that is what this is all about

    Sex and celibacy

    if you haven't give up sex by the magic day, at least stop for the rest of the water week fast. You will get a headache if you exert yourself during the 6 day water fast. If you get a headache for any reason, don't give up, just stop whatever else you are doing. Be as uneventful as you can.


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