Rational for Eating Raw Food

Written: 8/24/95 Updated: 28 Oct 96

People have asked me to explain why I do not cook the food I eat, and they want me to be scientific ... so here is my response, once and for all...

Eating raw food is natural. Its the way animals eat, and the way human beings evolved. Man only started to eat cooked foods relatively recently, and at that time, it was possibly an essential survival adaptation. It was during the ice age. It enabled man to live in areas that otherwise would not have had a sufficient food source. This weather, and also the competition from other animals might have been fatal for the species. But the last of the ice age has been over, for more than 10 thousand years; and man still acts like he has to burn what he eats. But we really don't have to anymore. We don't have to compromise our life anymore. And this story is about how cooked food compromises our health. I offer 4 points to illustrate this: To recap, the first point I made was that the instinctive desires of animals for good tasting food are thwarted by cooking it. The second point up till how been to show how essential the enzymes in the food are to digestion and what happens if they are not there. (Cooked food does not have these enzymes, and the body tries to compensate by compromising its healing powers.) But cooking the food does more than just immobilize the enzymes, which bring us to the third point. In the final analysis, I may be wrong with everything I have said. Every scientific fact and rational may be inaccurate, misconstrued, and unfaithfully manipulated. I will admit to that possibility. I only enumerated them because I have been asked. There is one truth that I know. It is so fundamental that I don't have to believe it, I see it as clearly as ... well just real clearly, OK? And this is it: I have tried it, I have eaten raw food for years. I know how I feel, and I remember how I felt. The difference is more than sick or healthy. And it can't possibly be described to someone who hasn't tried it. It is harder than describing the psychodelic experience to someone who hasn't experienced it. It is the difference between a schematic drawing and a color picture and a 3d-model and a live person. It is a quantum leap in health and awareness. It answers questions than run the gamut from, "What is the meaning of life?" to "Should I make a right turn here?" My next article r eally should elaborate on this. That would be nice. It would also be nice to end this article right here.

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