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Date Written: Fri, 29 Aug 1997

My name is Heide Fischer Wessels and I live in Washington, Dc. I have formed a company called "Alchemy of the Healthy Fabulous Way (AHFW) which has as its mission to teach life foods lifestyle, wheatgrass juicing and associated mind/body holistic teachings. I came by this information strictly through reasearch and I am totally self-taught. I am inspired by Ann Wigmore, Gabriel Cousins' "Conscious Eating", Dr. Jensen's books, Dr. Walker's books, Daniel P Reid's "The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity, etc. I have read so many books that I feel that I have taken a degree in the subject matter. Maybe someday I will get an honorary degree.

I believe that when things go wrong with one's health, you have to look at the cause of it, not mask it, make changes to get back to quare one, i.e. detoxing, colon cleansin, changes in diet and lifestyle. This, in my opinion, is all so simple but oh so difficult for most people to do, even in the face of lifethreatening illnesses. I have lost two of my best friends during the last year to brain cancer. One understood completely the principal but did not have the discipline to follow through. He did, however, last a lot longer and without pain (more than two years), than my other friend who died within 6 months.

I will start classes coming September and will see how many people are interested in this area.

Date Written: Thu, 28 Aug 1997

My background to coming to teaching these classes came by way of continuous search for knowledge. I have always had an interest in nutrition and in my twenties I aspired to be the Craig Claiborne of the New York Times (food writer). I was born in Eastern Germany and lived through the war where my family lived on what we could produce in three gardens. At the time we thought we were deprived because we did not have meat everyday but in retrospect I realize how lucky we were. I was about to pursue studies at Columbia Univ., with my goal of nutrition, when I again took a different route and wound up in Miami, getting married, putting my goals aside. I moved to Washington, DC with my husband, working on various ventures and working as a paralegal in a major lawfirm. Many years later, the marriage dissolved, losing my job of 12 years, I came to a major crossroad. I could not get another job in my field. I was too well-paid on the one hand, and too old on the other hand. After spending frustrating efforts on job searches, I finally gave up and began research of what I would like to do on my own. I focused again on nutrition and health, reading numerous books and finally accessing the web with its fabulous resources. My research convinced me that getting old and getting sick are not synanimous. What I do find, however, is that the majority of people do not believe this and they have a difficult time adjusting their diet and lifestyle.

However, I have decided that I will make another attempt via the teaching route and see what happens. I love Ann Wigmore's teaching and am awed how she could proceed without her formal training. I always felt that I could learn anything I put my mind to by just reading about it. That's how I became a paralegal and a very good one, that's how I renovated houses, designed gardens, travel, etc.

As you can see, my background is strickly self-taught but I know more about nutrition and food than most doctors who deal with symptons instead of treating the root of it.

Send me your fax # and I will send you the announcement in the Washington Post which describe the classes. I will also do wheatgrass juice promotion. In my search for the best machine I encountered Green Power Juicer for which I am the representative in this area. It juices wheatgrass effortless and nutritionally superior over the other machines. Unfortunately, it is not as affordable for a lot of people (around $600) but I can teach people to use a less expensive although more labor-intensive method for making the juice.

Created on Sun, 31 Aug 1997

Wheatgrass juicing

First, I agree that you can juice wheatgrass in juicer. However, you want to juice only 2-4 oz. at a time and consume it right away. I started out doing the juicing this way to make sure that this is what I wanted to do. I found out that I love the taste of wheatgrass juice, it is sweet. You need to feed it in batches. When it is finished, put it in a strainer, and push it through with a mortar or a spoon, or squeeze it between your fingers. The pulp is fabulous to put on your face as a mask.

Second, after you do this for a while, it gets tiresome and you tend to not do it. I then bought my Green Power Juicer (which I obtained the representation for to sell) and now it is a joy to make it. It is quick, you can make larger batches as it turns on low heat, and the machine cleans easily. You then have two-three days worth of juice in the fridge and can drink it in the am and pm, or use it also in colonics in a detox program. Anyway you do it, just do it. Wheatgrass juice, in my opinion, it "liquid gold". Heide

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