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Last Updated:Friday, November 03, 2000
Created on Wed, 01 Nov 2000

Hello all,

I'm new to the list, and would like to thank everyone who makes it available. My name is Hal Haley, I'm forty-three, married, with a twelve year old boy and nine year old boy / girl twins. Three years nine months all-raw, with approximately one year mostly raw before that. My interest in health began as an adolescent (when I was laid low with asthma and sinus problems), and coalesced when several people close to me died from cancer (my father included) some years ago, and then crystallized when my five year old niece was diagnosed with a Wilm's tumor (renal).

I KNEW there must be a better way than the burning and poison I saw my father (and ultimately my niece) go through, and was determined to find a "cure". I had a friend at the time (and very good friend now) who unbeknownst to me had been all-raw for some eighteen years. He gave me several books on alternative cancer treatments, and I was off. I read everything I could get my eyes on that had to do with alternative treatments. Very quickly I found the common thread (in everything that sounded logical) to be raw fruits and vegetables.

My immediate family still eat cooked, however we have not cooked meat in our house in over five years and my oldest son is vegetarian. My wife is my most steadfast supporter (it would not be possible without her). We make sure there is a large serving of fresh, raw, and organic (vast majority) food to begin each meal. This alone has kept our children from the clutches of the allopaths and their poisons for five years.

Of particular interest to me would be any personal experiences where you have inspired and helped others to educate themselves, especially in "emergency" situations (cancer, aids, etc.).

Thank you, and I'll try to make valuable contributions to the list.

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