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Last Updated:16 Jun 1999
Created on Tue, 20 Jan 1998


This is my first time attempting to put fe'mail' on the internet to a list of folks. If this is how it is done - then - here I go.

Tom put a wonderful book report on his list, and I replied. Just a moment ago I attemped to send it off to you all. If I was successful - so be it. If not, I am still learning how to do this process - a rookie on the internet.

Briefly - I have been doing a TV show - called Elysa's Raw & Wild Fod Show - on public access, seen mainly on the west coast - expanding each year to include more public access networks. I am looking for more hosts to get this show aired to more stations and seen by more 'hungry' folks. Not all the shows are about food, some are food for thought shows, and interview such lovely guests as Charlotte Gerson and her son Howard, or Elizabeth Baker was recently on two shows taped in January. I have been busy enough to not have time to put together a full catalogue, but the tapes are available - and the Lord willing, and the creek don't rise, I'll put together a catalogue this winter. Between finishing another book: Warming Up To Living Foods, and find my next new home - any suggestions out there ? Life feels very busy.

Learning that life is more than food has been my most important lesson. Then learning how to just enjoy what I do prepare, and make it work for this body - going through menopause, and entering my 51st year - offer new and dymnamic challenges I have not encountered in the past.

I am in production - to do a show about the effects on full spectrum lighting, and even more immediately one on AED's (defribrillators) - so time does not permit too much rambling - for now hello to all of you out there. I do love to prepare and teach others how to prepare raw and living foods. I personally eat a mix and match - loving food of so many types - however my body is quick to let me know what it prefers.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested - and those who would like to know more about my most lovely book: Living With Green Power: A Gourmet Collection of Living Food Recipes. It is time that this food is out of the dark, and given a place in the sun with photographs, and seen to be as lovely as it is.

Peace and blessings to all of you,

Elysa Markowitz

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