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Added on Fri, 06 Oct 2000

I thought I would fill you in on what is happening in my life: it has been really exciting on the raw food front! I am in Cairns at present, doing a trial period at a vet hospital. The climate, environment and fruit are fantastic. Tropical fruit is much better fresh. WIld mangoes and coconuts grow everywhere. It really is raw food paradise. I have been eating 95% fruit, and actually get FULL. Normally, I struggle to stop eating, but while I have been here (Maybe it is the freshness of the food, the great climate, the knowledge that if I move here I can have this forever.., doing other things, satisfaction at work, all of the above). THis morning I tried young coconut for the first time. It is really different to mature coconuts, and made a great treat. I also bought Jakfruit, Sapodillo, soursop, white sapote, mango, red solo papaya, some tiny "monkey" bananas and a small bag of baby exotic spinach. The number of exciting things to do locally also really blows me away. Yesterday I went on a walk to crystal cascades, and went for a swim in the deep, rapidly flowing river (and jumped off a cliff). It is so exciting to consider this opportunity which will profoundly support my raw food lifestyle.

Also, On 10th December, in Sydney I went to the inaugural Sydney Raw food meeting. Rene Beresford of the fruitarian network spoke, and a phenomenal variety of beautifully prepared raw dishes were served. Numerous long time raw fooders and fruitarians, as well as those just beginning or interested were present. Visitors included Annie Osbourne and her young son Camlo from the UK and Rich Angel from the states. A fine night was had by all.

Created on Fri, 06 Oct 2000

My name is Dallas McMillan

I am a final year Vet Science student at the university of SYndey, Camden, Australia.

I have been raw for most of this year, with a three month break. I eat lots of raw fruit, green salads, avocadoes, some juice, nuts, seeds, sprouts.

I regularly practice Astanga Yoga and rockcllimbing.

I grow my own Vegetables and look forward to growing fruit.

I would love to join/establish a Self-sufficient raw food community/household in 2001: I am looking out for potential likeminded people to join me. I was thinking the East or West coast of Australia, but am pretty flexible. Requirements for me include work, yoga, climbing, water..

Amended on Tue, 28 Nov 2000

I have been interested in raw foods for a few years, and have been 99% raw for most of this year. I have recently decided to eat mostly fruit, after a long time trying the "Sunfood" diet. I find I tend to eat too many different foods at once and too much when I eat veges, because I end up eating salads or raw soups a lot, and frequently I add things like miso, Braggs, nuts, tahini etc., some of which I think I am a bit allergic too. Regardless, I have long felt an attraction to raw fruit, and decided to give it a go for a while. So far so good. I have been on all fruit for a few days, and feel clear, light and have plenty of energy. I feel very relaxed, and wonder if it would be possible to get very stressed on this diet. I will continue as long as it feels right. So far I have been eating melon, navel oranges, pears, stone fruit and mangoes, all fresh fruit in season here (In Camden, NSW Australia. I am eating around a dozen medium-sized pieces of fruit a day.

I decided to change to juicy fruit after talking with Annie (forgottoen her surname) a fruitarian visiting SYdney from the UK. I found fats, nuts, and overeating were making me overweight, sluggish, sore, grumpy and introspective. This diet seems risky and exciting: I think I had been in a not-so comfortable comfort zone for too long with veges. Especially as they make it hard to travel: fruit is the ultimate convenience food (if messy). I'd like to grow my own fruit (and veg if required) and get really fit: my interests are yoga (Ashtanga, rockclimbing and nature). I have just finsihed Uni and am looking for work as a vet: ethics, health and climate effect my choice of workplace.

My message would be to not be afraid to experiment with your diet, to find what works for you: don't get stuck on one diet guru's gospel. I would love to hear from other peoples all fruit experiences, how it compared to other raw regimes, and how they went maintaining muscle mass and energy levels (which have been great so far). I intend to work out and keep fit, so expect to trim down a bit but become very toned. I am particularly interested in how people feel diet affects flexibility: I have noticed excess sugar or bad combos can make me very stiff. ONce before I ate little, mostly fruit while doing lots of yoga and cycling, and found I lost weight, became very flexible, but a little lightheaded. I also stopped sweating.

Wishing you all success in what you do

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