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Last Updated: Monday, October 23, 2000

Created on: 8 Oct 2000

I have a 9 year old son, who has been on a fruit diet all his life. He also had breast milk for the first 3.5 years.

In my experience raw children are different from their peers who are raised on cooked food. All children naturally have a playful and beautiful energy, but on the raw path there are no artificial foods, drugs or stimulants to block or pervert this energy. Instead their natural freshness is enhanced by the raw food and there is a great flow of energy, without the hyperactivity or irritability that cooked foods and additives cause.

When I see how healthy and happy my son is I give thanks that I discovered the fruit diet before he was born.

As a reult of his diet, Camlo shows real respect for other life forces and I am sure he will never want to eat a dead animal , especially when he could have a live mango. Keep up the good work with your daughter, and feel free to e-mail me with any queries. Love and peace from Anne.

Created on: 22 Sep 2000

in response to the question of sweet fruit intake, my diet consists of 100% sweet fruit. I eat mostly melons supplemented with any wild fruit ,such as berries, I can find. I have been on mostly fruit for the past 9 years.

My energy levels and health have never been better. I feel life is a real joy. My weight is also stable at about 120 lbs and I need to eat less to maintain my weight.

I think if one eats really good quality fruit, is ready for it and has faith in the path fruitarianism is a wonderful thing.

Created on: 13 Sep 2000

My son Camlo is 9 years old and has been a fruitarian all his life. He eats all sorts of fruits and raw nuts.

Physically he is smaller than average, but I believe the average diet is full of animal protein and growth hormones.

He is strong with good muscle tone and has lots of endurance. His health has always been excellent and he got a certificate from school last year for 100% attendance.

We are blessed that friends and family and school have always been very supportive of his diet. He was breastfed until he was 3.5 years, I feel children really need human milk for at least the first two years of life.

He never had a tantrum as a toddler and has always had a lovely temperament.

Best wishes to all those caring for children.

Created on: 3 Jul 1999

Message from Anne's Son

I go to a great school where the other children always bring me fruit in when they bring sweets in for the rest of the class on their birthdays.

My friends always eat fruit when they come to my house to play and when I go to their houses they say " I want to eat fruit for my tea like Camlo."

I can walk much further than my friends and I don't get so tired.

I have less sleep than most of my friends , especially in the summer when it is sunny and light.

Love from Camlo.

Created on: 3 Jul 1999

Hi, I would just like to add something to the wise comments that have already been sent in about breastfeeding.

I breastfed my son for 3.5 years and found it to be a wonderful experience. Feeding gave me such a deep sense of relaxation. The world slowed down and everything else was put on hold.

I fed everywhere and never received one negative comment but I am aware of the strange attitude some people have to such a natural process.

It is interesting that the protein content of breastmilk is similar to many fruits. Nutritionalists state that babies need 5 times as much protein per Kilo of body weight than adults. So it would seem grown people need very little protein.

Breastmilk is also sweet which would indicate that the weaning diet,and beyond, is suited to sweet, juicy fruits.

Created on: 28 Jun 99

I am generally not attracted to greens,compared to sweet,juicy fruits. On the few occasions I have eaten greens they have been organically, home-grown lettuces. However I have found them harder to digest than fruits, even when chewed to liquid. I feel much better on fruits only,so for me personally this is the path I follow.

On the second point for the whole of 1997 I water fasted every other day. On my 'eating ' day I stopped eating at 7pm and resumed eating at 8am the next but one day. Therefor I ,ate for 12 hrs out of every 48.

I have periodically water fasted for up to 3 days but no longer. I have chosen juice fasting over water fasting because I care for my 7yr old son. I have not wanted to experience a lack in energy levels while caring for a lively child.

My son has been a fruitarian since birth. He was breast fed for 3.5 yrs. He is very healthy and has experienced none of the usual childhood illnesses dispite coming into regular contact with them. His personality also reflects his diet, many people have asked me if his diet is responsible for his calmness and happiness. He has never had a tantrum or screaming fit,and he has never had junk food- some connection surely.



Created on Wed, 2 Jun 1999

Hello, my name is Anne Osborne, I am 32 and have been on a raw food diet for the last 8 years. At the moment my diet is 100% juicy fruit, melons and pineapples at the moment. I have never felt better, mentally, emotionally or physically. My energy is high as are my thoughts and spirits. I have been very inspired by all the wonderful websites I have visited, it is lovely to see aaaall the energy and ideas of others. I am inspired as I carry on my own personal journey as I realise how far we can go and how much there is to discover.

love from Anne.

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