Anna Neese

Last Updated:16 Jun 1999
Created on Mon, 16 Feb 1998


Hello RAW folks! My name is Anna Neese and I guess I'm writing this bio so that people will know what I'm about. I am a sophomore at Whittier College and my brother Jeremiah and I have been exploring the new levels of spiritual and physical attainment that one can achieve by changing their diet. I have been vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for 7 months. On Valentine's Day I decided to go all raw for one month to see how I do. When I became vegan I experienced a weight gain of 25 pounds, and I have always been thin, so this has contributed to the mental difficulty of the whole excursion. I try not to be obsessed with food, because I figure that is just as mentally unhealthy as anything else. Feel free to contact me at my email, which is I'd love to hear from anyone with suggestions or just hello, especially other college students who have embarked on such a journey. Thanks and good luck to everyone! PS. Anarchy does rule!

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