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Last Updated: 23 Mar 97
Date Written: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 07:12:10 -0800

Good early morning! (It's Saturday...6:49am.) Allow me,please to introduce myself. I'm a twenty-nine year old hairstylist from the south (not originally,though...I'm a transplant),and I have been contemplating throwing myself in, whole-hog to a natural approach to eating. Right now, I'm 30 pounds overweight, I have such bad PMS that my co-workers tease me about it, and I also suffer from depression occasionally, although this has never been diagnosed by an MD.

I've known about eating raw foods for probably about six years now, and eating according to the principles of Natural Hygeine has always, from that time forward, made sense to me.

One of the big reasons I'd like to try this approach to eating is because I've heard that I can regain energy, which believe me, I can sure use after putting in a nine-hour day on my feet. About a year ago, I tried proper food combining from someone who also sold me these herbs and vitamins I was supposed to take along with my food. I was required to drink 64oz of water a day. I quickly dropped it, because I am not a good pill-taker, and I hate drinking lots of water, because it makes me feel like the world's biggest balloon. Besides, I don't think that we were naturally meant to take pills,anyway.

My hope is that by eating the way nature intended, I can get my size three body back,like I had before I packed on the pounds, and that I can just in general have a better attitude and disposition about living, instead of feeling like a bogged- down machine (I'm too young for that!)

I'm sure friends and family will tease me about eating basically a fruitarian diet, but if I am getting visible results, then I think they will change their minds. Actually, I don't really care what they think,because I'm doing this for me..not to join the crowd...especially since most of that crowd is not exact- ly specimens of health to begin with.

Four years ago, I ate nothing but fruit for two weeks. I lostweight, and I felt fantastic not only physically, but psychologically. My brain even worked better. I hope these things happen again, and that I end my weight problem for good.

Wish me well as I begin living and eating healthy today, and thank you for reading.

Tina C.

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