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Created on Mon 08 Sep 1997

my name is Steven David Adler

i was born on the morning of 3/25/66 in Canoga Park, CA

my mother was a hippie actress and my father was a beatnik real estate guy; they were into drugs and sex

my mother and father were nudists

i grew up with Judaism as a week background influence

my sister and i grew up as nudists

my parents were divorced when i was six

my younger sister and i grew up with my mother and visited our father

i grew up in California

i lived in the mountains without electricity or phone from 1979 to 1983

i played football and basketball in highschool and was valedictorian

i obtained a B.S. in mechanical engineering and an M.S. in aerospace engineering from Stanford University

i traveled to Europe and Israel

i worked for McDonnel Douglas doing thermal analysis and design of the space station

i built a small Amway business; i talked to about 5000 people mostly one on one over about a four year period about Amway; i grew a lot

i became a vegan in 1993 and a raw food person in 1994

i moved to Las Vegas, NV

i joined the Mormon Church

i built a home

things i do now:

i eat raw fruits and vegetables

my favorite fruit is durian

i plant trees

i grow wheatgrass

i teach others about eating raw fruits and vegetables

i buy and sell IBM RS/6000 computers

i read books on philosophy, religion, nutrition, spirituality, self-improvement, and science

i seek truth

i experiment

i learn

i meditate

i watch

i grow

i exercise

i understand

i spend time with nature

i struggle and stretch and struggle and stretch

i fall

i get back up

i practice staying balanced and humble

i practice listening to my inner voice

i reach out to those who want to grow

i live a simple life by myself

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