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My dietary trajectory is: 29.5 years Amerikan, dropped meat/junk food in 1969 after reading a couple of books on food additives, dropped remains of dairy in 1971 and went totally raw overnight as a result of seeing a couple of lectures by Kulvinskas at HHI in Boston (where I lived at the time).

Did 7 years totally raw, and in the spring of '77 I did a little fruit juice spring-cleansing diet for several weeks and decided I'd test the sprouts I'd been eating as a staple for those 7 years. Made some lentil and mung sprouts, juiced them, and SURPRIZE, my body simply rejected them as tasting awful. So, I decided to let my body be the guide (I don't do dogma) and there went my staple. Also, as the quality of produce had degenerated precipitously in those 7 years (and continues to this day) I went, unwillingly, back to the horrors of cooked vegetables and starchy atrocities during the cold weather.

So, while being a raw-fooder philosophically and intellectually, the lack of decent produce currently prohibits it. My body wants to be fruitarian, but current thermal and fruit quality limits prevent that.

The Big Plan is to seek out investor support for my proposed book on diet, energy, health, and consciousness so I can publish it. The profits from the book will establish a global network of raw-food health educational centers, the profits from which will establish a network of Tropical raw-food/fruitarian communities that will do research on human health, fruit trees, human potential, ecology, sustainable/self-sufficient communities, etc...

So, if you know of anyone willing to put up ~$100,000 so I can do the electronic research, write, and publish the book, I am offering 100% profit on investment. I am also offering the 'finder' of such investor(s) a life-time of income, once the book is published and the proceeds starts flowing.

Since I have a strong background in chemistry, my book will be scientifically credible and supported by the current literature, and thus appeal to a much wider audience than the current crop of raw-food books written by crackpots; lovable crackpots perhaps, but crackpots, indeed.

... "Be good to your bowels, and they will be good to you!" Fluffy/Uranis

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