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Last Updated: 29 Dec 97

Dear Raw People,

Well, I have emerged from the Land of Lurking to introduce myself to the list. My name is Jim Brunelle, age 36, musician, teacher, actor, playwright, golfer, and writer from Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA. I am slowly returning to a raw food diet after a ten-year hiatus. I use to eat almost all raw food back between 1983-1986 and I remember feeling good.

I don't drink, smoke anything, and have cut my coffee-caffeine consumption to one cup a day (down from 7-10 cups). I have begun introducing those foreign things called "fruits" and "vegetables" into my daily diet. I rarely eat dairy and eggs.

I have been prematurely gray for a number of years and I am looking to return to my normal color ( naturally, not from that awful dye I have been using for four years). I have read that this is possible.

I would like to ask a few questions to the list:

My experience in the early 80's with raw food did show that it kept weight off and the bowels in a continually "lucky" state! More energy and sexual drive were a plus.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to any replies.
Jim Brunelle

and from February 1997:

I'm just getting back to eating live foods after a ten year trip into Clog Hell. If it clogged me up, I wanted it!

When I used to eat live foods and drink juices, I was thin and full of energy. I feel that way these days due to an awakened creative state. I find myself wanting to enhance this feeling, go for the big high. So I know that live foods, exercise, fasting, juices, and belief work will get me pumping even higher.

I have a Staying Healthy section on my links page. That's where your link will be. Check out my Creativity Workshop. It's a good page for ideas about creativity.

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