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Last Updated:21 June 1999

I am 25 years old.

Currently I am taking an extended vacation - called living - so that Tammy and I can rest, stretch, enjoy nature, help those we love, and play, without time-restrictions. As for the future, what happens will be a surprise. I have possibilities in my imagination and an increasing intention to write, and a desire to share and teach. And travel with Tammy. We're waiting to see where we go.

I have no group or religious affiliations. I am alone, more alone everyday, in a relationship with life, and that is wonderful. I hold no beliefs, the beliefs I operate on are simply my experiences, they reflect and yield to life, they come from life and do not belong to me. I know only a few things, one of which is to eat only living food.

It has been my experience that cooked food supports feelings of self-importance. Self-importance produces sacrifice, suffering, and unqualified beliefs, which separates one from life, reality, and one's natural self-knowledge. I gave up my feeling of self-importance in order to become one with life. I found out I was nothing, not important, just a part of life. It was a good trade.

I am deeply in love with life.

And most in love with Tammy. Her presence has the most amazing affect on me. To be at peace in the company of nature, trees and flowers and birds, is one thing, but to find increasing peace and love with another human being is magical, beyond words. She's like a tuning fork for my soul.

Thank you all for your sharing and help.

It's all mystery to me, and I'm just beginning to learn.

Love, Aaron

Created on Tue, 22 Jul 1997

Hi, my name is Aaron Sugarman and a little over three months ago I identified and came clear of my addiction to cooked foods. Since going 100% raw my weight has dropped from 130 to 115, I'm 5'8". I look pretty thin but feel amazing. I can do pushups and handstands for a couple days (5 min a day) and my arms put on muscle, but my weight never changes. I walk several hours a day as I am a dog-walker as well as a private Meridian Stretching instructor. That may be why I am staying thin. I drink 8-20 oz carrot juice a day, eat lots of peaches, plums, an avocado, a salad, walnuts, bananas every day. As far as gaining weight, I haven't really. I did order an essay on Gaining Weight from Nature's First Law and they said the weight will come back eventually if you hang in there. Going 100% Natural RAW made the difference for them, a little cooked food kept their weight down. They said it took 4-5months to come back, though it can take years, My own feeling is that my body is healing right now, rebuilding itself to a blue-print of health and that's where the energy is going because I'm not demanding a bigger body (weight training). We'll see. They also recommend eating once a day to slow your metabolism, and anaerobic exercise.

As for the future. I am currently searching for land in Hawaii on which to build a Raw Nudist Retreat/Co-Op. My current idea is to have about 18 people/couples/families contribute $10,000 each to buy undeveloped land in Hawaii on which to build small electicity free cabins, a main house with elec. and phone for computers, offices, fridges (if necessary), to farm our own food, to swim, play in the sun, support the raw food movement, and to run a small retreat for raw foodists, or those needing a place to go and detox and change in a supportive clothing-optional Eden-like environment. Retreat would bring in income from visitors. Please respond if you are interested, right now it's a blossoming seed, but if there's interest, we could make it happen. It's very possible and if I had a couple thousand dollars my girlfriend (My soulmate) and I would be there now breaking ground. I haven't figured out how to get the funds yet, so the co-op idea came up. If intereseted feel free to respond personally at AARONLIFE@aol.com

As far as food... Essentially, I listen only to my body. If people recommend something and it's sounds good to me, I consider trying it and pay attention to my personal results. Over the last few months my body has been telling me to eat more and more fruit, soft fruits. I love avocados, cantaloupe, peaches, papaya, plums, berries. I was using THe Ultimate Meal (1-800-THE-MEAL), sprouted grain product, and Living Foods, a similar product, but I just dropped the Ultimate Meal, and I'll drop Living Foods when I"m out of it, if not before then. It comes down to compromise, as I become more and more aware of what is good for me, I become aware of sacrifices I'm making. Ultimate Meal felt like a little sacrifice because it was freeze dried, Living Foods is starting to feel like a sacrifice (also freeze dried, but different affect on my body), it's going to go soon, and then I'll probably stay with raw food in it's whole natural form. Nature is whole and perfect, and it feels like overwork to me to "DO" something with the food. I'm open, however, to changing these beliefs. I do juice, and that's not technically natural, but so far it feels good and beneficial.

As far as water, I drink almost no water getting all the water I seem to want from fruit and juice. Occasionally if I sweat a lot outside, I'll feel like drinking a glass of water, I drink whatever is available. Fear seems to be an obstacle that one has to face if they're going to go raw, like falling backward into your friends' arms. Life catches you though, and so I keep falling, and letting life catch me, and handling the fear.

Look forward to communication, Love, Aaron

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