Last Updated: 4 February 1999

Join us. We meet Tuesdays at 7pm in #rawtimes on EFFNET irc.

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is an internet protocol allowing many people to conference in rooms or chat channels at the same time. Some popular channels may have over 100 people at a time. When you type in your window, everyone in the channel sees your text. This is called chatting. IRC is a network of servers. You connect to one of the servers, like or, and the servers connect within themselves so that virtually all the computers appear to be connected. There are many different irc networks.

#rawtimes is always on EFFNET. As opposed to other popular ones like Dalnet. When you choose an irc server to connect too, make sure it is an EFFNET server. Then

The most popular IRC chat client for windows is Mirc. Go to the Mirc website at to get the current version. If you are using aol, get the 16 bit version, even if you have windows9x. After installing, you can join #rawtimes. If no one is there, come back on Tuesdays at 7pm est. There is usually someone there at that time.

   if you are not on aol or netcom, for example,
      which have their own servers... like:
   i could recommend:
   as your irc server

   most connect at port 6667
      or try 6666, 6668, 6669

only for MAC stuff
- ------------------

At 09:51 PM 11/23/97 -0500, Meredith wrote:
>Does anyone know if Mac users can use IRC to get onto #rawtimes?  Just
>wondering because I'd like to partake if possible.

hi meredith,
   i don't have a mac, but ... lucky for you...
      i happen to be an expert on everything from finger painting=20
      to brain surgery.
once upon a time, i helped a friend get on irc
   and he also only had a mac
   (its not necessarily bad to have a mac)
   you'll probably live longer
and this is what i did
   i used some alta vista or yahoo search engine
   and looked for irc mac software client
   you can find lots of stuff... like:

- -----
      is a list of sites from which to download
      (note the absence of the usual dangling participle)

- -------
      has more of a selection if you don't like ircle
      or you don't want to pay for it after 30days

to install ircle:
   1. download it from the web
   2. double click on the new icon on the desktop to unstuff
   3. double click on the newer icon to install
   4. fill in the personal info at the prompts
   5. when it is done... type in:
   6. or some other server if doesn't work
   7. it will prolly prompt for a new nick since newbie is prolly taken
   8. so type in your own nick (max 9 characters) I am betaman
   8.1 if your new nick is also already taken,  type a diff nick again
   8.2 if already taken, type in new nick again, until you find a unique one
   9. then type in:
       /join #rawtimes
  10. if you do this at 7pm est, someone will be there to greet you


Any more questions...


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