Mr. Heroin's Blues

Honey, before you start fooling with me, let me tell you how it will be.
I shall succeed and make you my slave, Those stronger than you have gone to the grave.
You think you can never become a disgrace, Ending up addicted to poppy seed waste.
So you start inhaling me one afternoon, But into your veins I'll go very soon.
And once I have entered your veins, The cravings for me will drive you insane.
You'll beg and you'll steal for narcotic charm, Only content when I'm in your arm.
You'll sell your own body just for a buck, And turn into something vile and corrupt.
And one day you'll realize the monster you've grown, And solemnly swear to leave me alone.
If you think you can master the mystical knack, Sweetie ... try getting me off your back.
You'll vomit, you'll cramp, you'll tie in a knot, Jangling, your nerves will scream for a shot.
The hot chills, the cold sweats, the withdrawal pains, Can only be stopped by little white grains.
There is no other way, and no need to look, Deep down inside you know you are hooked.
I warn you ahead, so if you should start, It says in the contract, "Till death do us part."

Author Unknown


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