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Reviewed at grand opening Saturday, October 14, 2000
Last Update
- February 5, 2006

Quintessence just closed their second restaurant for seating on new years eve. Quintessence was the most successful raw food restaurant in the last 200,000 years. (Before that they were all raw.) It expanded to three New York restaurants in around 7 years. The food was raw, with many treats and essentials. The prices were high and the food could have been better, but it was a remarkable achievement and service that they offered. Raw food is the wave of the future, and you will see a lot more of them sprouting up around the world. Quintessence is still open for seating at their original restaurant at 10th street and first avenue.


Quintessence restaurant & catering

Natures food for the body, mind, and soul
263 east 10th street, new york, ny 10009
between 1st avenue and avenue A
fone 646 654 1823        fax 646 654 1804

new web page at www.raw-q.com
web page at www.quintessencerestaurant.com
features Big Moc Burgers recipes, events, classes, menu, and more

2 old locations have closed. the one on amsterdam may have delivery by raw express if you call early in the morning.
566 Amsterdam A.v Btw. 87th & 88th St. 212 501-9700
353 E 78th Street Btw. 1st Av. & 2nd AV. 212 734-0888
All locations are open 11:30am to 11:00pm Sat & Sun. Brunch to 4:00pm


Tolentin Chan and Daniel Hoyt
have partnered to bring the absolute best restaurant to new york city, proving once and for all that intelligent life does really exist in the big apple. After the grand opening at the end of the millenium, the restaurant is still completely packed after one year. Excellent food including original recipes containing organic ingredients are presented with classic glamour. Extras include homemade rejuvulac, essene bread, flax seed crackers and desserts to live for.
Rawtimes 10 out of 10

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I tried your restaurant for the first time last night. I must admit, I've been looking into Raw Foodism for a couple years and was quite skeptical about it being enjoyable. Let me just say that it was the best food experience of my life and tha's saying alot!!!!!!!!!!! ( I dare not let my family hear that, being from the Caribbean, they would take that as an insult!!!). I don't ever want to eat cooked food again!!!!!!! Thank you for the inspiration. You have a faithful customer for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhian Watson, Brooklyn, NY - Monday, February 12, 2001


Guacamole and chips

Our guacamole is amazingly flavorful because all ingredients are fresh and organic. Served with our homemade flax crackers and crunchy vegetable chips ……6

Black olive and cream dim sum

Heavenly dumpling-like pouches of nori, filled with diced avocado and black olive, and spiced for a zing, bursting with flavor ……6.5

Burrito mini

2 crispy lettuce leaves filled with delicious "refine beans" and "cheddar cheese sauce" that perfectly minims that originals along with guacamole, tomatoes and onions. Topped with drops of cayenne vinegar hot sauce ……6 (warning: this is so good that it can be addictive!)

soup and salad

house salad

a luscious mix of crispy leafy greens and sunflower sprouts, tossed with cherry tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, onion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and finally, topped with raw pine nuts …… 6.5

wild rice salad

a juicy mouth-watering mixture of sprouted wild rice, tomato, onion, avocado and mango, perfectly complimented with a yummy sweet and tart dressing …… 7

sesame sea salad

a nutritious blend of 4 kinds of delicious sea veggies with chunks of cucumber and tomato, topped with an amazing creamy, nutty and tart sesame dressing, and a sprinkle of sesame seed …… 7

peters's pot

a tantalizing soup of blended tomato, yellow pepper, and cucumber, enriched with dulse, basil and other spices. A dash of propolis adds a twist to this soup which also boosts the body's healing power - cup …… 4 bowl …… 5


nori rolls

delicious rolls of creamy pate, avocado, carrot, seaweed, and sprouts.
Served with the traditional wasabi, soy sauce and mixed greens …… 9

sun burger

a hearty patty of sunflower and flax seed meal mixed with chopped celery, onion, red pepper, and herbs, dehydrated to a perfect burger texture and with an awesome burger taste, sandwiched between 2 slices of our homemade pumpernickel rye or kamut (wheat) essene bread. Served with all the burger fixings and a side salad …… 10.5 cheddar cheese …… add 1.50 marinated mushroom …… add 1.00

nut loaf

this tempting dark rich savory loaf is a satisfying robust nutmeat seasoned with home-style spices of rosemary, tarragon, cumin, and garlic. Inside you will find chunks of red pepper, sun dried tomatoes, marinated mushroom and onion, topped with a delectable creamy mushroom gravy and served with salad and side dish of the day ….. 13

burrito dinner

jumbo version of our burrito mini, served with mixed greens and a side of garlic wild rice ….. 13

middle eastern platter

a delightful summer dish, light yet satisfying. This dish is a combo of traditional style "falafel balls" (without the grease), sprouted chick pea humus and a minty cauliflower base tabuli salad. Served with wedges of essene bread …… 14

juliano's livioli

a rich basil and nut filling enveloped in thin slice of turnip and topped with our vibrant italian sauce …… marinara sauce …… 11 pesto sauce …… 12

guiltless dessert

(all desserts are 100% vegan, nondairy, nonfattening, and cholesterol-free)

pecan pie

our irresistible live version of this familiar rich sweet dessert is made with raw pecans, and fresh vanilla bean. We think it tastes better than its counterpart. This dessert is not only tasty but it's packed with powerful antioxidants, ridding the body of free radicals and boosting the immune system …… 5.5

berry carob mousse pie

a nut crust
filled with a divinely creamy carob mousse
and fresh berries of the day
topped with 'crθme' ……. 6

coconut cream pie

(this pie was such a popular special that we've added it to the menu) a carob nut crust filled with creamy and fluffy mouthwatering coconut cream made from young coconut. This pie is packed with electrolytes that give us extra energy and essential fats that keep our joints working smoothly, most importantly, good fats help remove stored "bad" fats and cholesterols from the body …… 6.5

fruit bowl

a generous bowl of a variety of chopped seasonal fruits, sprinkled with coconut flakes and crusted walnuts …… 5.5 carob cream or vanilla cream …… 1 extra

fruit fondue

a traditional fondue setting of seasonal fruits and a warm carob, cinnamon dipping sauce …… 7



electrolyte lemonade …… 3.5
coconut shake ….. 3.5
whole coconut …… 3
non-choc chocolate shake …… 4
rejuvelac with fruit flavor …… 3
apple pie shake …… 4


masala chai latte …… 3
teeccino cappacinno …… 3
grain coffee …… 2
herbal tea …… 2

Quin-tes-sence :

We picked 'quintessence' as our name because it simple describes the quality of our food and the mission of our restaurant. For those who are unfamiliar with the word, it has 3 basic meaning:

  1. the pure, concentrated essence of any substance. We should all agree that food from nature without alteration or additives is the purest and contains the highest concentration of usable nutrients. A hundred percent raw, as provided in nature, these foods are packed with minerals, vitamins, essential oils, and most importantly, the fountain of youth, enzymes! Avoiding as many toxins as possible, we use only organic ingredients. Our filtered water is hi alkaline and charged with energy., comparable to glacier water, proven to provide great healing power. Our olive oil comes from an ancient olive tree in Italy and is cold stone-pressed and unprocessed. We use body-friendly sea salt, lowest in sodium and rich in precious minerals. This salt has been harvested by hand, using no chemicals or processing; no nutrients have been removed,. Uncooked, Unpasteurized, and unprocessed, we serve the purest assimilable nutrients the earth has to offer
  2. the most perfect manifestation of a quality or thing. By consuming pure unadulterated food, we cleanse our bodies, purify our physical mechanism, and., eventually purify our mind and spirit. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Eating what nature provides us brings us to a higher natural state, or our optimum condition. This is much evidence that those who eat only raw food live free of illness and disease, their minds become sharp, and negative emotions disappeared. Raw foods are packed with life-giving enzymes. Living on a high-enzyme diet will rejuvenate the body, energizing you and making you feel like a newborn. Except for the hot drinks, our dishes are completely uncooked, and all seasonings, like soy sauce, are unprocessed and unpasteurized. You will be surprised by how amazing the real things tastes!!!
  3. In ancient and medieval philosophy, the fifth essence, or ultimate substance, of which the heavenly bodies were thought to be composed; distinguished from the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. We believe that by eating uncooked food long enough we will regain that fifth element., and the mystical powers of our ancestors. Weakened over the centuries by eating altered and artificial foods, we have lost much of our potential as higher beings and have burdened our collective darma. As the bible says, treat your body like a temple and it will be heaven again
All in all, we are only interested in bringing you're the best because we care. We want to share with you how food can be so tasty and at the same time so good for you. Eating your way to a healthier existence and spreading the knowledge is our agenda for the millennium.

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