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Lost Again


Thank you for posting your experience. It is very sobering and I am glad it had a happy ending for you.

I think what happened to you has probably happened to others. An innocent side trip turns disastrous -- turn around and it all looks alike.

Keep on hiking/camping and enjoying, but with a belt of wisdom.


This is not at all an unusual way to get lost in the woods. Congratulatetions on your successful systematic search for the trail. Sometimes people in this situation run off in the wrong direction until they drop dead (the panic that you recovered from).

I hope you go in the woods again soon. Take look backwards now and then when you go off trail, or away form camp.



What an inspiring story. It makes you realize that "it'll never happen to me" is a bunch of bunk! I'll definitely remember this the next time I'm out for a weekend!

Thanks for telling your story! - and way to keep your wits about you in an undoubtedly difficult time!.

-Steve Stefani

Great story. Thank you for sharing.......



I just read your post on alt. backcountry (or whatever it's called!). You're very lucky.

Welcome home.



I just read your story on rec.backcountry. I wanted to thank you for posting it. I really think people can learn from this kind of post. I recently had a somewhat similar epic while out climbing (I could sent you a report if you are interested) and know it's quite a drag when you don't know where you are and you don't have the gear you need to survive.

Anyways, back to your adventure, I think it was a genius idea to familiarize yourself with your surroundings in an expanding radius. I'm sure I would never have thought of that (althought I will now : ). Glad you made it.

chris malley


Thanks a lot for re-sending that camping story.That was pretty exciting! I was at the edge of my papisan! I've been lost in the woods and I know it's scary. Never had to spend a night without a tent and sleeping bag, though. In Alaska I stuck to the campgrounds and stayed on the trails. Didn't want to tempt the grizzlies too much. I don't know if you heard, but there were several bear attacks this summer. Two folks, a mother and her son, were killed just outside Anchorage in a park, while jogging! I heard lots of other stories--enough to make me very cautious about hiking up there. So I never even saw a grizzly. Just a black bear that ran across the road in front of my car. I was pretty amazed--thought it was a dog at first. Got a good picture of it, though.

Best, Mark


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