Tobe's No-Cook Book
Review by Meredith Westfall

Last Updated: 02 Dec 96

Date Written 31 Oct 1996

Hello all,

i was at the library and ran into Tobe's book, The No-Cook Book. He published it in 1969 and much of what he has to say is still truth. i.e. 50% of all Americans have a weight problem. I just read this in the newspaper not so long ago. I guess Tobe's theory was grounded in research!! He lists reciped for the whole year. Most of the ingredients are uncooked veggies and fruit, but he also veers into dairy and fish.

So the $million dollar question is...What ever happened to Tobe. How was he viewed in the raw/hygienic community? If anyone is interested, I'll copy a few of his introductions (he has one for each month on hunger, food, dealing with others, etc.). Just let me know.

Other titles under his name are Enzymes-the spark of life Hunza:adventures in a land of paradise

Oh, the No-Cook Book did go through a third priting according to this edition. What a find! "Food alone cures most diseases."

Until next time,

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