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Last Updated:Friday, November 03, 2000
Created on Fri, 3 Nov 2000

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sara Johnson & I was on this list a couple years ago. I am a Raw Food Chef in Portland, OR. I offer classes & lunches, personalized menus, etc. I have a husband & 2 kids. The kids are 100% raw except when my husband messes up--he tries so hard. My husband & I have been working on it for 2+ years. I have been 100% for over a month now, where in the past I have always kept some ocassional condiments & though it's early, I haven't been plagued with cravings like in the past. Before raw foods, I was constantly overweight, obsessive, allergic, had chronic pains & horrible monthly cycles, was rather emotionally unstable & depressed, etc. I have lost a bunch of weight & quite honestly, every area of my life has improved since learning about raw foods so I am always thrilled to introduce this information to people. It's also given me a lot of hope & opened me up to different dreams for my future & the future of my children. I just turned 30 (yesterday), my kids are 6 & 3 & being homeschooled. I am excited about connecting with other parents of raw children. I am very open to sharing my experiences with people & interested in the miracles of raw food & ??? in the lives of others. Looking forward to getting acquainted with you all.

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