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Created on Tue, 23 Mar 1999

Count me in on the support network. I'll try to be brief as I tell you my raw-related story. I learned about RAW from a friend & read NFL at the start of November 1998. I immediately went 100% for 6 weeks. I finally had hope after years of depression, chronic sinus problems, allergies, overweight, 12-step programs for drugs/alcohol/overeating, moodiness, unstable joints & related pains, 3 mostly miserable pregnancies, allergic kids... I was eating a mostly vegan diet, 5 small meals a day, working out several times per week & had all these problems & was exhausted & psychotic from the combination. In 6 weeks I had more moments of feeling joy than I had in years, my eyes felt open, the lethargy began to lift (after the initial detox fatigue), I came more into line with my instincts & my behaviors aligned with my values much more than they had previously (always a struggle for me). My skin looked good, I reached a weight less than I had ever dreamed of reaching (133 at 5'7" - I was usually around 167 but had lost weight in OA so I was 145 when I went raw). So I gave into a craving that I'd had for a week during an ice storm (I was f---in' freezing) & proceeded to binge on high sugar & high dairy foods for a month. These were my forbiddens in OA. Then 3 weeks of 100% raw with lots of juice & a small fast. This brought a 2 week flu + 2 weeks sinus infection. Then we had Thai food & I was at 85% raw for 3 weeks, but no sugar or dairy. The food addiction was even worse. I couldn't stop eating the cooked food until it was gone. Twice I found myself purging because I had way overstuffed. Now I couldn't go down that road, so I stopped again with many new insights & lessons from all this up & down. So now 9 days of 100% raw was Sunday. I got married that day, watched the Oscars & had yakisoba & sugarless malt balls. I've been raw since except for about 10 yogurt almonds to chill out the migraine I was having. (Migraine + shopping + kids = bad combination). That was today. The headaches coming back. The cravings have been horrible for me all along the way. My kids are raw & I need to be in order to have the life I want. I've never felt better in my mind, in my relationship, in my skin, with my kids, than when I was 100% raw. I have no doubt that it is our biologically appropriate diet. I can say for myself also that at 85% raw, all the depressions, insanity, body aches, etc. came right back. Detox is hell if you ask me. That instant-gratification monster must be tamed for me to succeed in becoming raw. I found that it's really important for me to not dwell on my cravings in my mind or in my speech. But that's about enough out of me.


Created on Tue, 16 Feb 1999

I was 100% raw for 6 weeks, binged on horrible sugar/cheese/crap food for 4 weeks & now I have 3 weeks raw. I have really payed physically for that binge...I still am. Anyway with these 2 raw experiences, I find that everything in my life seems to fall into place. I suddenly am able to live in line with my values especially around parenting. It's hard to explain but I've struggled with knowing that I have all this stuff and I should feel a certain way (happy) with it, but I just don't & I can't make myself. My depression lifts, I experience happy moments, my psychic ability expands, I stop spinning (engaging in and creating drama), I get perspective of what really matters, I automatically start purging my attachments to thing & the things themselves, I automatically start purging old memories and experiences with no emotional process necessary, I have hope & even excitement about where my life is going, I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life. There's lot of other physical benefits I experience as well and this is all from my beginners experience. I can only imagine what my life will be like 1,2,3 raw years from now. It's very exciting for me and I haven't even gone into how I feel about raising my kids this way... Sara

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