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Last Updated:16 Jun 1999
Created on Sun, 18 Jan 1998

The story is long but the short of it goes like this...

In 1980,in tucson,arizona,"we" had a house,of about 12 people,into the living foods lifestyle-it was on vine st. we did potluck every sunday there with about 25 to 50 or more people on a regular basis.In the vine house we had the first wheatgrass company in tucson "Lotus Lite"and engineered by Brother Bob Kunz this was super soil(earthworms,rock dust,kelp,composted to the ultimate "biodynamic"soil) besides wheatgrass we did the full sprout range-sunflowers,buckwheat,etc.Much learning happened at this house,and it was the meeting place for what then evolved to the Wind Spirit RESTAURANT on 4th avenue,open 24 hrs a day,7 days a week,free delivery anywhere in tucson,all raw,vegan saltless,sun-baked gourmet,and as organic as possible.This restaurant/center/place was a major initiation point in the living foods society,and was most likely the first truly living foods restaurant in the world,which we then closed after one year,having found the land for the oasis in the desert near winkelman arizona,which still thrives today as SPIRIT UNION REVIVAL,aka as WIND SPIRIT,a land trust. .I planted over 300 fruittrees on this land, many have survived to become massive trees of life, yeilding much fruit.It was Brother Jhon Michael Stang who created finance flow in L.A. while I worked the land,and it was he who created the astological menu for the restaurant,which was quite simply,AMAZING.MOUTH WATERING TASTE BUD EXSTACY. Those of you who know what THE EXPERIENCE IS,KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN-LIVE FOODS GET YOU HIGHER THAN ANYTHING BECAUSE LIFE ITSELF IS BLISS,AND LIVE FOOD IS BLISS all wild animals know this! I could talk story forever about the rollercoaster ride with the food trip but for now I will keep it short-email me if you are in tucson,and /or at the gemshow we are doing a LIVE FOOD NOW TENT from feb.1-14,and the restaurant will open here soon(investers and interested parties please email me)also, for all you stone/gem/crystal needs,contact me-I have been wholesaling minerals for 15 years and can work with you to get whatever you need-especially vedic gems,and "special mineral specimens"(high end as well)

3400 E.SPEEDWAY BLVD.#118-269

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