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Last Updated:12 June 1999
Created on Sat, Fri, 11 Jun 1999

Hello all,

My name is Ellyn. I am a 21 year young vegan. I have been Vegetarian for 6 years and vegan for almost a year. I started learning about Raw foods when I began working at my local Co-op (health food store) which I am a member/owner of. A man that I work with has been on the raw food diet for 7 years now and I began to wonder about it and ask him questions. I never saw him sick and he was always full of so much energy. I wanted to know what his secret was. He explained what raw foodism meant, and told me all about enzymes. From then on I began my own personal quest to learn all that I could about raw foodism. That was about 3 months ago. I have since found various web sites dedicated to raw foodism and those who don't necessarily see it as the gospel. I ordered the book " The Raw Gourmet" by Nomi Shannon. I have been reading all that I can and I take what I believe is the truth and go from there. I want to live a long healthy, productive life. I want to help save the environment in any way I can. So if using less energy by being raw, can help counteract other things I do [ I'm a net junkie ;) ] then I am all for it. So there are many reason I want to go raw these are just to name a few. I have been experimenting making raw dishes. So far I have had living oatmeal made from oat groats (fantastic), raw tuna (made of carrot pulp), raw rice salad, and I made this wonderful raw carrot cake with a lemon cashew frosting (I found this recipe in Vegetarian times June 98 issue).

I have been eating about 75 - 85% raw in the past 2 weeks and I feel great. Last night I stayed up until 5:30 AM and got up at 8:30 AM to go to work. (NO this isn't usual for me) All day I felt great and energized. I was amazed that I wasn't tired and yawning all day. I have heard that these bursts of energy are just short term when you began being raw. All I know is that I feel good and I am lovin' it. I want to make a transition to being 85-100% raw in about a year so that my body doesn't go through extreme detoxing. If anyone could give me any pointers I would be more than willing to listen. I fast 1 day a week for 36hrs. and at the end of a four week period I fast 2-4 days. I try to keep a healthy outlook on life and be positive and I am a very determined person. I have been very diligent in my eating habits lately, passing up my favorite junk foods for fruits and veggies. Hope to hear from you all soon

Ms. Organic

P.S. I am married I just think ms. organic sounds better than mrs. organic. (My mom gave me that nick name when I went veggie)

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