Jeremy Safron

Last Updated: Monday, April 08, 2002
Created on Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Jeremy A Safron is a leader in the rapidly growing health movement. Starting in 1990 Jeremy began his in-depth studies into health and raw / living foods. Studying with world renound teachers such as Dr. Ann Wigmore and Dr. Bernard Jenson provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow Jeremy to currently carry the torch that lights the way in the raw/living food movement. While pioneering new territories with food, Jeremy also continued his studies into the martial arts and yoga.

Since 1982 Jeremy has pursued a deep understanding of Chinese kung fu, chi kung, and Chinese medicine. Starting in 1990 Jeremy began to study Yoga with Sri Dharma Mitra. Jeremy has had the opportunity to study with some of the worlds remaining kung fu and yoga masters like Patabhi Jois, Swami Buaji, Nan Lu, and Bucksam Kong. In 1995 Jeremy started Loving Foods as a catering company, and by 1996 had opened a Raw Experience Restaurant in Paia Maui. He published his first book with Renee Underkoffler called The Raw Truth. In 1998 Jeremy opened his second restaurant in San Francisco. Jeremy also began publication of a monthly newsletter called the Living Planet, and a yearly guidebook called Raw Living.

As global demand for raw food increased so did the thirst for knowledge. At this point Jeremy began traveling the globe teaching seminars and doing lectures to help educate people about raw /living foods. Hundreds of people flocked to Maui to attend weeklong workshops led by Jeremy and a variety of special guests. After consulting and assisting in opening 6 more restaurants Jeremy continues to promote raw food lifestyle along side a wide variety of teachings. As a certified Iridologist and living foods health consultant Jeremy helps guide people to abundant health and well being using a wide range of diagnostic techniques and drawing from many healing modalities. Jeremy created Dragon Yoga, a fusion of kung fu and yoga and has been teaching and certifying people in this for 5 years.

Jeremy has also evolved a work known as the gifted and talented program (a teaching program for children) that allows them to make use of more of their brainpower into a mental training program for adults. This program offers the opportunity to make maximum use of the cortical tissue (brain.) Jeremy has invented a wide number of products such as the sea snax and rawmesean for Govindas fitness foods, and the new Buckybar.

Jeremy's newest book Dining from an Empty Bowl - a fasting handbook offers a new dimension into the world of healing and cleansing. Currently Jeremy is working on a Dragon Yoga book and Video and a new restaurant in Maui.

Some of the services offered are:
Living Food Health Consultation
Private Chefing

Private Yoga Class
Private Chi Kung Class
Raw Food Restaurant Design
Fire Walks
Traditional Oriental Medicine
Guided Imagery

Know Thyself (keys to innerstanding)
Corporate Trainings
Hawaiian Eco Adventures
Nutritional Education
Kitchen Set Up
Chef Training

To Contact Jeremy in NYC call 212 517 3930
To set up a lecture of class contact
Jeremy's Cell Phone 310 RAW FOOD (310 729 3663)



Nori (the sea vegetable) grows as a lettuce in the ocean. It is harvested often in big nets and with it many fish are scooped up. This combination of seaweed, shrimp, crabs, snails, barnacles, and small fish are all ground up and made into sheets (like paper) In the large industry they do not take the time to remove these sea animals. Most of the nori in the world comes from Japan. The two main suppliers Nagata and Yamamoto (who supply most of the smaller companies) claim that the animal contamination is minimal. Any contamination is unacceptable. Some smaller companies (including a kosher certified kibbutz in Israel) are beginning to offer fish free nori. So be aware.


"Prayer is when we say hey god listen to me and Meditation is when we say hey god I'm ready to listen"


The more time we spend in nature the more we can experience ourselves. Always remember what is self and what is other than self. Society provides far too much stimulation and often distracts us from truly following our destiny. Eating raw food is one way of experincing nature find as many as you can. Find yourself and Know yourself.