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Last Updated:Friday, May 18, 2001
Created on Sat, 12 May 2001

I got into raw foods after someone at work showed me The Hallelujah Diet

Most of my experience has either been through Rev. Malkmus and about five or six Dr. Day videos I ordered from hacres.com.

I have gotten a fantastic response from letting people view the Dr. Day videos. My mother, who was giving me a hard time about the Hallelujah Diet made large changes in her diet after watching the Dr. Day videos. Hey, if something makes your mother change...it must be powerful stuff .

But, anyway, I didn't know who TC Fry was and had to go and look up information on him.

I don't know but between Malkmus, Dr. Day, and now TC Fry, I can't help but think they all got their information from Dr. Walker and just changed the name of it (not that I think there is anything wrong with that, the more information that gets to people the better). Still it seems like credit should be given where credit is due. Dr. Walker's book _Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices_ was originally published in 1934 and he was the inventor of what later became to be known as the Norwalk juicer.

Here is an outline of what Dr. Walker called the Walker Plan (doesn't this sound just like the Hallelujah Diet, Dr. Day, and from what I can tell, TC Fry, etc. etc.?) :


Dr. Walker's Program
To a Healthier More Vibrant Life

Raw vegetable and fruit juices offer all the live enzymes and detoxicating qualities needed to keep our bodies strong, healthy and able to combat the many enemies of contamination and pollution in the world today. Our immune systems are kept at their peak when we consume "raw" vegetable and fruit juices on a daily basis. Vegetable juices are the "builders" of the body, while fruit juices are the "cleansers". Every cell, gland and organ benefits from pure, natural form of nutrition. It is comforting to realize that by drinking raw vegetable and fruit juices every day, our diet is complete in all the vitamins and minerals it needs to remain younger, stronger and healthier.

"Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices" by Dr. N. W. Walker was written to better explain and emphasize the procedures and specific benefits of juicing. Raw carrot juice for instance is rich in Vitamins A, B, B, C, D, E, and K. Properly prepared raw carrot juice aids digestion and is valuable in the maintenance of the bone structure that supports our entire body, including the teeth. Even intestinal and liver diseases are sometimes due to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals found in raw carrot juice. Endive juice contains elements essential to the optic systems while the cucumber juice offers the best of diuretic qualities. The list goes on.

It is well worth one's time to study the benefits derived from "fresh raw" juices. Actually, it's worth far more than your time... after all, this is your health and your life. Take control, feel better, look younger, and enjoy your life more completely. You are worth it!

Keep the colon clean. The health of your colon can be an indicator of your health. Laxatives are not healthy and certainly not the proper answer to constipation. Raw vegetable salads, fresh fruits, legumes and unprocessed grains along with plenty of distilled water will keep your colon regular and healthy. "Colonic Irrigations" once or twice a year, along with enemas done at home, offer an optimum way in which to insure a clean and active, healthy intestinal track. Being "regular" is having a bowel movement at least once a day, though often times two or three movements a day is ideal. The elimination of red meat and all processed foods from the diet is equally important. A well cleansed colon in perfect working order is absolutely essential for a long, productive and active life. It is important to note that when the colon is healthy, and not blocked, you are avoiding innumerable ailments. Because the colon is a natural breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, it is essential that we prevent a toxic condition from developing in the colon. By maintaining a proper and clean environment for the "good bacteria" we avoid the "bad bacteria" which is dangerous and disease producing.

Drink pure water. The body is dependent on fresh, clean water. The minerals, bacteria, and commercial additives in inorganic water (i.e. tap, spring, well water, etc.) are inorganic and cannot be utilized by the body. The vitamins and minerals within vegetables and fruits and their juices are organic and therefore beneficial to your health. Distilled water is in reality steam that has condensed back into water. Bacteria, parasites (including Cryptosporidium parvum that is so devastating to those in ill health) is destroyed by the distillation process. Some authorities believe that distilled water acts like a "sponge" and assits the body in eliminating toxins, etc. through the body's normal elimination processes. Drink plenty of vegetable and fruit juices and distilled water.

Regular exercise. It keeps our hearts healthy, our blood pressure intact, our respiratory systems strong, and our metabolism balanced. Walking is the best exercise you can do. It can burn calories and tone muscles. In addition to weight control, exercise strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, and because of the release of endorphins, lifts your spirits. Recent medical research has found that during exercise the body releases several different chemicals, some of which have been found to deter cancer. A 30-minute walk every day is truly beneficial to your health. Also, bear in mind that the body needs sufficient rest and sleep to function at its' best.

Control your weight. Weight control is a very real and all to common problem among Americans today. Carrying an excess amount of weight dramatically affects the state of ones overall health. High blood pressure, clogged arteries and fatigue are only a few reasons why maintaining a healthy weight is so imperative. A long and healthy life cannot be achieved when the body is forced to deal with such a myriad of dilemmas. Weight control need not even be an issue if we simply restrict our food consumption to salads composed of raw vegetables and fruits, drink their juices and distilled water. You will feel much healthier and your vitality will increase, when all red meats, fats, commercial sugars and starches are eliminated from the diet.

The elimination of unhealthy products. Some of the most harmful food products consumed today include processed sugars, harmful fats, cow's milk and soft drinks. Because the human body does not tolerate, and in many cases, is damaged from the consumption of such products, one would be wise to consider not ingesting them. This elimination may very well in and of itself, better insure a longer and healthier life. The pancreas, for instance, is both overworked and subject to disturbing reactions when we consume sugar. When the body processes meat it produces a great deal of uric acid. The muscles absorb much of what should be expelled through the eliminative system and what sometimes occurs is the manifestation of various conditions such as rheumatism, neuritis and sciatic. it is self-preserving not to tempt bad health with bad food choices.

Alcohol and tobacco products are carcinogenic, organ damaging and life threatening to all who imbibe. Though these habits remain widespread throughout our world today, few would argue of their obvious dangers to our health and to the negative effect on the very length of life itself. To live longer, healthier and with vitality, we should eliminate all detrimental products from our lives.

Other vital nutrients that play important defense roles in your health include plentiful amounts of Vitamin C, raw onions and garlic. They offer strong immune boosting qualities, act as an excellent cleansing agents, are readily available, and should be taken advantage of on a regular basis. Ideally we would all grow our own food in our own healthy soil. But this of course, is not an option for the majority of our population. What is possible is selecting the best of all foods that you can possibly find.

Last, but not least, is our spiritual and emotional health. Stress, anger, resentment, the need to "get even" are all negative emotions and can play havoc with our physical health. Heart attacks, strokes and nervous disorders are only a few of the conditions associated with such a negative life-style. The opposite of negativism is optimism. Laughter, spiritual strength, the ability to forgive and forget, to deal with our every day problems with an attitude of solving them is essential to keep the glands in our body working together. Our physical health is dependent upon a calm, serene mental attitude.

Self-preservation utilizes wisdom. The knowledge and application of defensive procedures can do much to protect and lengthen our lives. For instance, it is as wise to always wear a seatbelt as it is to avoid preservatives and pollutants whenever possible. Adopting and exchanging unhealthy habits to healthy habits is as easy as eating smaller meals, eating them more frequently, and chewing ones' food for a longer period of time are changes your entire digestive system will thank you for. Utilize your wisdom, it will benefit you greatly in your quest to live a long and vibrant life.


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