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Last Updated:Sunday, October 08, 2000
Created on Thu, 21 Sep 2000

I want to say hello to everyone and tell you how glad I am to get the Raw List!

Last year for 3 months I was 100% Raw and it was the best time of my life. Pounds melted off, I had more energy, any gray hair that I had was turning back to dk. brown, my life seemed to be starting all over again. I felt so clean inside, even though it was only 3 months into the diet.

Then came Thanksgiving, and why not have just one baked potatoe??

Well, sad story. I'm trying to get back onto Raw. What else is going on? I'm out of work and on the edge, trying to make my way back.

I must say though, cooked food, starch and sugar is such GARBAGE! My husband and I got bags of food from a food bank, and lots of sweets and starch. Now we're on food stamps but haven't been able to get organic yet due to it being a little out of the way and we have so little gas money.

I feel so bad on this food. If anything, this is a reminder to anyone about how low vibe cooked food is. I get lots of headaches, my awareness is damped down, and I have low energy.

I was thinking maybe I should have joined the other List, 12-Step, but I do enjoy this one a lot. I haven't been able to be on since about a year ago, haven't had access to a computer. Now I'm using a library computer, have to wait to get on. I will only be able to write maybe once a week or so, when I get to use the computer.

I'm planning on doing raw soon, at least by Nov. 1st. I'm hoping my economic situation will be a little more stable by then, it's difficult for me to put the energy into being raw when I'm so up and down as far as the bare bones of existence.

It was so much easier for me to get and stay Raw when I had access to the List. Your stories and messages were great inspiration. So I think it may be easier for me now that I finally can have access to the List again.

Many thanks.

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