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Last Updated: 22 Dec 96
Date Written: 3 Dec 1996 02:51:41 GMT

Thanks to all of you who contribute to this food fanaticism. It truly makes life more exciting.

Tierra True here. I've been into this raw food thing for about 4 years now. Started with 7 day juice diet and jumped into 100% raw food with the inspiration of my friend David Freedom. (I'm sure he'll show up on here at some point too). I had difficulty sustaining it and balanced out somewhere around 80% during that first year, with long periods of vegetable juice only and feeling very strong, clear, and energetic. Healing and cleansing has continued, lots of experimentation with multi-strain friendly flora and superfoods (mainly algaes, some pollen, and papain)as the mainstay of the diet along with lots of water and juice. Feel great on this too. It is as if very little food is needed and I am living on air, like Ehret says. I have had the typical binges of lots of dried fruit (o the gas) bad food combining on clean system (o the sulphur belches, everytime I swear I'll never do it again). I've recently rounded out to about 90% raw food although its hard to say. I've gone weeks on eating nothing but live food and then.......fude cravings. Commiting to constantly staying at 100% is just out of reach. Since this is the *veg*-raw group, I hate to tell you all what I binge on, but I need to be candid about all this food stuff. After years of veganism, its whole Rocky chickens, range-fed, no antibiotics or hormones. (not raw). I love them. I relish them. When I get a strong craving, I go for it and I do not admonish myself afterward or during. The only thing I don't feel comfortable about is that the chicken is cooked. Hence, instictive nutrition. I would eat the chicken raw, but I truly don't feel comfortable with the quality unless I or someone else I know has done the harvesting, cleaning, etc. This is where I really do vibe with Zephyr's work and feel that I could really go 100% raw if I would eat raw meat. I recently did have the experience of *harvesting* a rabbit and eating and drinking raw blood, heart, liver, and kidney, which is what I really craved. Afterward, I didn't crave meat for months. I know some of you ethical vegans have already clicked to the next message or are about to with all this meaty instincto talk, really the experience of taking the animal's life was intense, I cried all the way through it. Not because I felt bad for the animal, I didn't and I was hungry, but because so many animals I had eaten in my life previously were not and are not taken in the careful, conscious, and spiritually uniting way this rabbits life was taken. The rabbit layed there with his head between too nails willingly, not shaking, as I stroked its fur and asked for it to become part of me. It agreed. I took sacrament in this entire experience and saved all parts of the rabbit, its bones, paws, tail, tanned hide which is now resting, ironically, on top of my computer, where I built a small alter. How could this be unethical? I also feel that the power of raw meat instead of cooked meat would probably balance me out after one or more experiences and would need to do it very infrequently, if at all, after a while. Maybe, I'll raise more rabbits.

I am also very excited about the The Natural Hygiene M2M. Which Ombodhi has also passed on to me via Sandy LaBedz. Thank the great spirit for Ombodhi and also Sandy. I will thank her personally when I write my first letter as a contributor to the M2M. I just read this evening that Bob Avery is taking Ward's place. I am hoping there will be no waiting list, but I'm sure it happens sometimes. I'll try.

'Nuff for now. Although I think I should include some other stuff about my life. I live in a really neat little place called Aromas, near Santa Cruz,CA. I am somehow surviving on a less than quarter acre garden that markets edible flowers and feeds me some food. I am thankful for such a life. Although I am looking for a new home in the near future where I can focus on 100% living with no notion of working to live. Thanks for lending an ear Or an eye to (part of) my story. I look forward to future conversations.

Take care all!

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