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Created on Sat, 13 Sep 1997

Per JR's request I am posting my bio also. It has been a very busy couple of weeks, which is why I have not posted it sooner. My 3 jobs have had me soooo busy I was thinking of unsubscribing from Raw. I have not had much time to even read the posts much less participate.

I am a Christian and unlike Carol I have found Christians to be very open and willing to listen. In fact it was Christians that started talking to me about eating juicing and eating raw. My church is very open and willing to learn. They recently had an 8 week course on natural eating - emphasis on raw fruits, vegetables and juices.

I am not 100% raw and at times I revert to mostly cooked as I did this past week. Due to extra demands from all 3 jobs, time to juice or shop for fruits & veggies got lost. But I am trying to get back on track. I am noticing more arthritis pain than I have had in weeks and I am waking up with sinus headaches, congestion, etc. When I eat about 75-85% raw all those symptoms go away. I have always had a weight problem and a problem with food craving. Raw foods do seem to cut out most of the cravings. Though I have not stayed raw constantly enough to see a big weight reduction I do lose weight steadily and comfortably when I eat primarily raw. So I have incentive to get back on track with eating raw.

I am single and have 2 cats - Snuggles and Zippy. They were named for their primary attributes at 8 weeks of age. They are now about a 1 1/2 years old. Zippy still zips just not constantly. Snuggles just finished a very demanding snuggling/petting session. My cats do not eat raw. In fact, I can't get them to eat people food. Except Zippy loves fresh home baked yeast bread and Snuggles loves Mozzarella cheese. Neither of which they see anymore, unless I am eating too much cooked food again.

I do find the list very helpful and I share some of the information with my friends at church. The only people locally that I know here who eat raw are Christian. So Carol's experience with negative reactions is not mine. Maybe she picks the wrong people or approaches them the wrong way, I'm not sure. I know that my friend at church just shared testimonies and told me about books to read or which juices would help me feel better and then let me think about it. She just gently shared the information with me and let me sort it all out and come to my own conclusions. My church is only about 75-80 people right now and there are about 15-25 that are juicing and at least trying to eat primarily raw fruits and vegetables. So Christians are open. Just find the right approach as you would with anyone.

Pat :)

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