Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet

Last Updated: 02 Dec 96

Date Written 11 Nov 1996

Greetings to all fellow raw-foodists!

We are new to Veg-Raw so allow us to introduce ourselves to you.

We are: Stephen Arlin, David Wolfe, & R.C. Dini. We have formed a full-time raw-foodist organization (called Nature's First Law) in San Diego, California. We go berserk on raw fruits & vegetables all day and all night. Though there have been many dedicated raw-foodist writers and practicers over the years, no one has ever taken the massive action of targeting the masses as we do every day.

We have just written a book you may be interested in. It is a high-quality philosophy of raw-foodism book called: "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet."

To let you all know a little about us, here is a recent interview about our organization and book.

>What, in general, is this book about?

The most amazing thing about life is that you can become more than you were, you can become better, stronger, smarter, wiser. This book is about how you can use raw fruits and vegetables to improve your life. It is about how to capture more of your true essence, your true, natural self.

How can you live on just raw foods?

There is an old saying: "Death cannot feed life." Raw, living foods are what keeps you alive, dead foods are what kills you. Eat life and you become more alive.

What kind of background do you have in this field?

It was the reading and self-education we did on health, diseases, and diet that got us into the raw-food diet. We focused only on success -- success stories, people who cured themselves of disease, people who lived the longest and healthiest, people who had travelled and observed human beings all over the world. We did not focus on the standard medical dogma, because that has all been a failure. There is more disease, sickness, and misery now than ever before in human history. We started bouncing some ideas off of each other and we started to get into some amazing things.

So, you are saying that cooked food is problematic, right?

Every creature living in Nature lives exclusively on raw foods except for human beings and the domesticated animals. Animals that feed exclusively on raw foods are powerful, lean, vital, and vibrant. They know only unrelenting life. Many people believe that humans have adapted to eating cooked food -- and we have, but not in the way that most people think. We go into this extensively in our book. Cooked food is dead food. You cannot revitalize living cells with dead food.

What about steaming vegetables?

Once you artificially add heat or energy to food, you alter it biologically; you kill it essentially. The enzymes in food begin to break down at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. When foods are eaten that are deficient in enzymes, the body has to use its own enzymes, which are secreted by the pancreas, to break down the food. Eventually, on a diet of dead food, the pancreas becomes swollen and irritated and like a row of falling dominos, the other digestive organs begin to have troubles as well.

What do you do for protein?

We get asked this question all the time! Protein is no more important than any other element in our food. The mass frenzy on the subject of protein is the product of an elaborate media campaign by the meat and dairy industries to push their products. The truth is no one ever suffers from a protein deficiency -- and certainly no one ever dies from one. But people die of protein poisoning en masse every day. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc. are all the inevitable results of overburdening the body with cooked animal proteins. People always ask us how we are able to have great strength without eating any animal products, taking any pills or drugs, or eating any cooked foods whatsoever. The truth is, no natural animal ever tampers with its food. The strongest, most powerful creatures are the herbivores. A gorilla can benchpress 4000 lbs. A gorilla never eats anything except raw plant foods. A chimpanzee looks skinny but it can rip a car door off of its hinges. Its just logic. 99% of human DNA is identical to the chimpanzee. The one tribe of chimps that hunt and eat meat are much weaker and only live half as long as all other chimps. Simply put -- Nothing unnatural can ever have any good effect on the human body. Cooked foods such as meats, breads, pastas, steamed veggies, etc. are totally unnatural and have massive harmful effects on the human organism.

But isn't this diet too difficult for the average person?

The average person is just that...average. That is why we are specifically targeting the elite intellectuals of the world with our message. But anyone who reads this book will start eating more raw fruits and vegetables and will feel healthier regardless of whether they can follow the entire diet or not. You can't help it, because the book is written to get you to take action. We put forth an ideal for people to strive for. The core of our message is very basic. This diet is child's play. Every kid knows "apple" or "mango." We are not seeking to change or convert people. Only they can change themselves. What people do must be the product of their own conclusions. We provide the logical arguments and give people the information which will cause them to think and grow in new directions.

Do you think your idea is extreme?

Today's heresy is tomorrow's orthodoxy. Every great idea once began on the fringe. We have to tell you, the response we have received from the youth, ages 14 to 25, has been startling and incredible. They know there is a lot of power in what we are saying. They don't believe we are on the fringe at all, they see our message as being very logical and ideal for the future.

Like myself, I know that you are very concerned about environmental issues. Do you feel that diet is related to environmental issues?

What is incredibly interesting is that the best diet for you is also the best diet for the environment. We go into this extensively in our book. We would rate humanity's food choices as the number one cause of environmental problems. There was a great book written in the mid-1980's by John Robbins entitled: "Diet for a New America." This is one of the best source books for information on how your diet affects the world and the environment around you.

Where can someone order your book?

People can get the book directly from us ( ( or from many places in Southern California.

How different of a world do you think we'd see if everybody ate raw?

We could give you an answer that would sound nice, but it would not sound believable. In reality, it's indescribable, incomprehensible, and unfathomable to people who haven't experienced 100% raw-foodism. It's the difference between night and day. It's the difference between an inner-city slum and a tropical paradise. Cooked-eating environmentalists are total hypocrites. If they really cared about cleaning up the environment, they would start by cleaning up their own bodies first. All pollution begins with cooked execption. Look at a landfill. What's in it?

How much of technology, etc. do you attribute to an unnatural/toxic diet?

All the technology that is harmful to the environment is obviously directly attributable to cooked-food addiction. We are not against all technology. We are against its application when no thoughts have been given to consequences. We support every technology that improves and supports the natural order and way of life.

How would you describe the connection between diet and violence?

It is a known fact that child molesters, rapists, and others with uncontrollable, unnatural sexual desires have the most cooked, abominable diets. It is literally impossible to behave naturally when one has cooked-food poisons ravaging through one's body. Cooked-animal extracts cause homicidal impulses the same way in which potent drugs such as PCP do. Generations upon generations of cooked-animal eating terminates DNA synthesis. Thus, a mutant such as Jeffrey Dahmer comes into existence. Can you imagine Jeffrey Dahmer eating a piece of fruit? No way -- he was 100% cooked.

What is your position on spirulina and blue green algae?

We don't promote consuming anything that has been denatured -- even in the slightest bit. Pills and powders are not natural, of course. If you want to eat algae, go to a lake and eat raw algae as other natural creatures do. All the information and pseudo-science fed to the masses about the supposed "benefits" of these denatured supplements is erroneous, hypothetical, and inspired by greed. To say that a pill or powder is beneficial is saying that Nature has made an error by not offering us these foods in a processed, refined state -- which, of course, is ridiculous.

What kind of water do you drink, or do you?

The purest water in the world is the living water in raw plant foods, especially fruit. A raw-foodist has no need to ever drink water as long as there is adequate raw plant food available. We only drink water if we are in the mountains (where fruit doesn't grow). We eat snow, and drink snow run-off in the spring. The only reason that people need to drink exorbitant (the 5-7 glasses that doctors recommend) amounts of water is because of the cooked-food extracts, which are massively dehydrated, they eat. And distilled water is an unnatural human-made creation, and again only serves to dilute denatured food.


We're looking forward to many fruitful discussions.

Best Wishes,

Stephen, David, & R.C.

Nature's First Law



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